Land Ho!
Sundance Film Festival
Directors: Martha Stephens, Aaron Katz

Land Ho! is a simple, charming road trip comedy that follows two aged ex-brothers-in-law as they travel through Iceland in a rented Hummer in an attempt to recalim a sense of youth. Mitch (Earl Lynn Nelson), a crass, lovable retired surgeon from New Orleans surprises his former brother-in-law Colin (Paul Eenhoorn) with an all-expenses-paid trip to Iceland to help him get over his recent divorce. From the dance club to the Icelandic wilderness, the two argue and bond over the reality of getting old but still living life to the fullest. Mitch’s frequent “doobification” and non-stop sexual references in his booming Southern drawl contrasts with Colin’s serious, uptight Aussie voice of reason—the two varied personalities make a wildly entertaining, comedic dynamic on screen. With its subdued plot, improvised-sounding dialogue, character focus and documentary feel, Land Ho! is much like Michael Winterbottom’s The Trip, but with main characters who are a generation older. Set in the stark, chillingly beautiful landscape of Iceland, it’s a well-made, gently paced meditation on getting old and enjoying life in all its phases. It’s fun and heart-warming but not in a lame, mushy way. Outstanding and hilarious performances by Nelson and Eenhoorn make senior citizenship seem like a hell of a good time—bring it on! –Cody Kirkland

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