Sundance Film Festival
Director: Greg Whiteley

“If this film had come about before the election, Mitt Romney would be in the White House.” I heard this exact same quote from three different people while waiting for other films during Sundance. Let me be frank. No, he wouldn’t. As director Greg Whiteley did, in this film that follows Mitt Romney from December 2006 to the day after the 2012 presidential elections, let’s not focus on politics. Rather than hearing the same drivel we’ve heard from every politician day in and day out, Whiteley targets the pressures and anxieties ANY politician endures while chasing down the position of the most powerful job in the country. It’s fascinating to watch an individual decide whether or not he wants to endure the never-ending ridicule of the public and media with a pros and cons chart only to list multiple cons initially. Honestly, who really wants to be subjected to that type of scorn? As Mitt travels, and travels, and travels and travels around the country, the stress placed upon his family is clearly evident. The discussion of “media versions” and “real feelings” reveals the annoyances of having to conceal your true feelings in front of the camera in order to maintain a unyielding presence of commitment. No matter whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or hate politics all together, “Mitt” humanizes those figures you see on the screen vying for your confidence. Even if you disagree with everything they say, they’re still only human and put their pants on one leg at a time. Will “Mitt” convince you to change your stance on any political issues or make you question your vote last November? Absolutely not. However, it will make your question the mental state of ANYONE who decides to willingly pursue the role of Commander-in-Chief.

– Jimmy Martin

Screening Times: 
Saturday, Jan. 25 — 8:30 p.m. • Prospector Square Theatre, Park City