Soldate Jeannette

Sundance Film Festival

Director: Daniel Hoesl

Fanni tries on an expensive dress at an upscale fashion boutique.  After much deliberation, she buys the dress. She dumps it into a mailbox just outside the boutique. Fanni’s landlord and his lawyer walk into her posh apartment.

She offers them matcha tea, and they tell her she’s being evicted that afternoon because three years’ rent is past due. Fanni says she doesn’t have time for such talk—she has a Taekwondo lesson that she can’t miss.

There is something unseen behind Fanni’s deadpan face and disdain for her lavish lifestyle. Something anarchic. A mysterious girl is following Fanni around, alluding to betrayal and blind trust. Fanni is unaffected. The landlord’s threats become real, so Fanni withdraws hundreds of thousands of Euros, test drives a car we know she has no intention of returning, and heads into the forest, on foot, to burn her money.

Anna lives and works on a farm. Disemboweling cattle, plowing fields and letting the farmer fuck her are facts of life. When Fanni and Anna meet—for the first time, or again?—the compromises we all must make become apparent.

Johanna Orsini-Rosenberg, as Fanni, is like a mirror for the audience, staring ahead as the world crumbles. Though it features a convincing cast, Soldate Jeannette, or “Soldier Jane,” is not a story, but a subversive allegory of capitalism and anarchy, of destruction and rebirth.


Time: 1.24, 3:00 PM Venue: Egyptian Theatre, Park City

Time: 1.26, 1:00 PM Venue: Holiday Village Cinema 4, Park City