Under the Electric Sky (EDC 2013)
Sundance Film Festival
Directors: Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz

Whether or not you’re familiar with the dance music festival that’s become an international phenomenon since its inception back in 1997, the latest film from this concert documentary filmmaker duo will leave any audience member with a deeper understanding of the almost cult-like world of raving. This film follows six groups of festivalgoers from different walks of life and social backgrounds on their journey to, and overall experience of 2013’s Electric Daisy Carnival held in Las Vegas. The characters introduce themselves prior to their departure for the festival and explain what attending EDC means to them. From frat bros to veteran ravers, the film does an excellent job of fusing personalities that would otherwise never be classified in the same social group. Over the course of the film, the audience forms an emotional attachment to the characters, and the directors’ use of pathos helps any audience member understand that the world of raving is more than just going to a concert⎯it’s a world where people who would normally feel outcast from regular society can escape to for a sense of freedom to be who they want to be. The film also includes interviews with the CEO and creator of Insomniac Events, Pasquale Rotella, as well as a few artists from the list of 200 headliners that played at the festival. Above all, the film wasn’t so much an 83 minute commercial trying to enhance ticket sales, as it was an explanation of why people attend such a wild event. As someone who loves these kinds of events and often gets questionable stares from others for attending them⎯I would recommend this film to more than just my fellow ravers.


Time: 1.25 9:45 PM Venue: Broadway Centre Cinema 3, Salt Lake City