If you could trade hair styles with one member of the band, who?
Given the chance to trade hair styles with any member in Eagles of Death Metal, the obvious choice would have to be Jesse Hughes the lead singer. A full head of hair at his age is one thing of beauty, and any professional stylist would go sterile for the chance to bless the man. A sculpting a hair style much like Jesse’s was the look from the ‘20s, with the sides cut short and long hair on the top and slightly shorter in the back, all slicked back— it’s the adult version of the mohawk.

If you could insert any other musician into the band, who would it be?
The obvious choice of person that should be added to Eagles of Death Metal is Josh Homme, one of the original band members who doesn’t regularly tour with the band due to his involvement with a little band called Queens of The Stone Age.

If this band came to SLC, where would you want to see them play?
If Eagles of Death Metal came to Salt Lake City, one of the best places for the band to set up shop would be The Depot. The venue is perfect for EoDM’s insane sound check and attention to detail when time comes to dial in their sound for the show. The Depot happens to be one of the best smaller sounding venues with great acoustics that our tiny town has to offer.

What set the show apart from a typical set you might see in SLC?
Eagles of Death Metal put on an energetic show with plenty of crowd interaction unlike any other band who rolls through town. Jesse interacts with his fans, thanks and praises all who come out to see, kisses ladies’ hands and pulls cigarettes from crowd members who are happy to hand them out, and, last but not least, lets stage jumpers hang out with the band on stage.

Was the show inside or outside? Was it day or night?
The show at the Belmont happened to be four walls with a whole galaxy of stars reflecting back at you as a perfect view day or night of everything seen above and beyond.