Working with Advanced Techniques: Intermediate Cosplay Construction


I was stoked for this intermediate cosplay panel, as someone who considers themselves an intermediate cosplayer I was excited to see some techniques that professional cosplayers use to build armor and props. This panel had a really fantastic line-up of professional cosplayers who used all kinds of techniques to build their cosplay—from EVA foam to thermal plastics, it was a great variety. They conducted this panel in a Q & A style where they took questions from their audience during the entire panel. I really hate to admit this, but I actually fell asleep during this panel—it was dreadfully boring. I know that the panelists had good intentions and knew their craft really well, but the entire panel was audience members asking them how to construct pieces of their cosplay or how to get started on constructing a cosplay at all.


First of all, this is an intermediate cosplay panel discussion, you shouldn’t be asking “How do I get started making cosplay” when we’re here to learn advanced cosplay techniques—go to the Cosplay 101 panel and ask those questions. Second of all, instead of telling people how to make pieces of their cosplay, they could have explained or even demonstrated how to work with difficult materials like EVA foam or mats. They would answer the audience’s questions by giving them a brief explanation of what type of materials they should be using to make their cosplay then instructing them to visit YouTube or their own personal Facebook/Twitter/YouTube channel to watch their tutorial on how to do the thing.


I honestly have no take-away from this panel, other than that I should just search YouTube for tutorials which is exactly what I was doing before I attended this panel on intermediate cosplay. I apologize for being so harsh, but I was very disappointed with this panel. They should do a more instructional and in depth style panel, then answer audience questions throughout the panel instead of purely a Q&A style panel where they only give brief instructions on how to do intermediate cosplay techniques. 

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