World’s Greatest Dad – Review


World’s Greatest Dad

Sundance Film Festival

Director: Bob Goldthwait

It’s seems that it will become a tradition at Sundance that whenever you see Bob Goldthwait listed as director, you know you’re in for a darkly sinister treat of perverse delight. Returning to the Festival after his 2006 K-9 escapade, Stay (a.k.a. Sleeping Dogs Lie), Goldthwait delivers a comedy of euphoric proportions with comic legend Robin Williams. Lance Clayton (Williams) is an aspiring writer, a poetry teacher, and the father of a completely perverted asshole of a son, Kyle (Daryl Sabara). When tragedy strikes, Lance picks up the crumbled pieces and redistributes them for fame, glory, prosperity, and popularity. Who said you can’t hit a homerun with life’s curve balls? Screw Judd Apatow and Kevin Smith, Goldthwait has become the king of gross-out comedies with bits on menstrual cycles, AIDS, felching, and Bruce Hornsby. While Daryl Sabara shines as the demoralized teenager you love to hate, Robin Williams delivers one of his best performances in ages and should be commended for taking a step outside the Hollywood mainstream comedy. One can only hope it won’t take Bob Goldthwait another three years to return to Park City with another gem.

– Jimmy Martin