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Aimee’s Home Cookin’

Aimee'sHomeCookin'-BARKIPLE_0583Growing up in a Vermont country inn, Aimee Toner spent a lot of time in the kitchen. After stepping up to help when her mother got sick when she was 15, Toner developed skills and a passion for cooking. “The kitchen was a playground for me,” she says. Once she was settled in Utah, her classic New England cooking caught the attention of friends and neighbors. Soon, she was selling her pre-made, home-cooked meals using her own spice blends, before realizing that she could sell her unique handmade spice blends instead.

Soaking up the local flavor, Aimee’s Home Cookin’ spice blends are inspired by people she’s met—the new cuisines and cultures she’s experienced in Utah. There are 15 different spice blends with eye-catching, colorful and funky labels to choose from. Toner even named some after her favorite ski spots at Alta. Flavors run the gamut, from Snakepit Shawarma, a Middle Eastern blend featuring clove, cardamon and sumac, to Key West, a citrusy savory rub. Toner also offers a dry Bloody Mary mix and rimming salts for cocktails.

“My spice blends are an easy way to go from beginner to gourmet,” she says. Priced around $10 a bottle, Toner’s spice blends are an inexpensive way to amp up your own home cooking. They’re also simple to use. Each blend touts around 13 different spices and can be used to flavor meat, vegetables and whatever else strikes your fancy. There are plenty of tasty recipes on her website, and if you visit with Toner at the Craft Lake City DIY Festival or local farmers markets, she’s happy to offer suggestions on how to use her spice blends.

Stop by Toner’s booth at the DIY Fest to spice up your cooking and drinking. She’s thrilled to meet new customers and share her excitement about her spice blends. Pick her brain for fun ways to incorporate more flavor in your life—she’s full of information and ideas. You can also find Aimee’s Home Cookin’ at the Sugarhouse Farmer’s Market, the Wasatch Front Farmers Market and the Bountiful Farmers Market. Check out her store on Etsy (, too.

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