Killabee's Kitchen owner Tristan Thomas creates weekly fresh meals to fuel you Monday–Friday!

Amplifying Black Voices: Killabee’s Kitchen – Tristan Thomas

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Killabee’s Kitchen offers options for those who are interested in meal prep but perhaps don’t have the time or resources to do it themselves. Prepared, cooked and packaged in his own kitchen, Tristan Thomas believes in delicious, healthy eating. Though his background in cooking is not extensive, his passion and dedication to helping others in his “Beehive” community enable him to create consistently healthy meals that have allowed the business to progress and find loyal clientele.

“I decided to pursue Killabee’s after gaining confidence and positive feedback with my cooking through loved ones,” Thomas says. Killabee’s serves their customers a variety of meals—past options have included stuffed bell peppers, homemade tomato sauce over cheese-filled meatballs and pasta, teriyaki shrimp and chicken with lemon-sage cream sauce over angel hair. Killabee’s also occasionally offers vegan options, such as their vegan burrito bowl.

Thomas’ food plans provide a great variety, as his menu doesn’t conform to dietary plans to reach specific fitness goals. He’s found that it’s much easier to stick to a meal plan if you allow yourself room for “error.” He iterates that maintaining a strict diet of counting calories and eating plain rice and chicken can prove tiresome. “If it’s easy to enjoy what you eat, you’re more likely to stick to it, especially if there’s a cheat meal or two here and there,” says Thomas.

Though meal-prepping may sound like an option only for those who are hoping to reach fitness goals, Thomas hopes to erase this stigma by serving his food to all those who are wanting to eat well-balanced meals. Finding a lot of community through Killabee’s, quarantine and self-isolation have separated Thomas from being able to connect with his customer base. However, this time has also allowed him the ability to become more creative with his meal plans through research.

Those who are interested in Killabee’s Kitchen can find meal plans for the current week on their Instagram account @killabeeskitchen. There, you can message Thomas to get in for that week’s schedule. Just keep in mind that there’s a cap for how many people can sign up.