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Local performers, artisans, DIY engineers, chefs and crafty innovators come together for the 10th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival at the Gallivan Center. This-three day weekend, Aug. 10–12, will encapsulate the craftsmanship that our city cultivates while celebrating Utah’s movers and shakers. Spread across the breadth of these pages are peeks into some of what this year’s DIY Festival will feature. Bring your family, friends, lovers to enjoy what this year’s festival has to offer! Visit to learn more about this community enriching event!

For the emerging apprentice chef, the time right out of culinary school becomes one in which to immerse yourself into the world of restaurants, finding your passions and absorbing all of the knowledge that the chefs working above you in the kitchen will bestow. Like many before her, this happens to also be the similar story to Sharlie Weber of Sharlie’s Treats (, who has paid her dues through the many posts making up the professional kitchen. Weber has managed to merge her found passion for pastry into a savory twist, while maintaining classic cooking methods. “Although I had interest in pastry, at that time, I felt that cooking would help me to have a broader mind and understanding of food,” says Weber.

Taking what she’d learned from culinary school and fine-dining work in New York City, Weber would eventually make her way back to Salt Lake City, apprenticing and eventually working at Forage under chefs Viet Pham (Pretty Bird), Bowman Brown (Elda in Biddeford, Maine), as well as a former pastry sous chef at

Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery. This is where she was able to hone her now-primary craft—the art of savory macarons and other desserts, using ingredients found in nature. It’s time to develop the palate for salmon-skin-flaked Miso Macarons and treats made with spicy Gochujang chili paste. Other preferences from Sharlie’s Treats orbit within the borders of shortbread-s’mores cakes and custom jobs. “I use as organic and natural as possible,” Weber says. “I believe in eating REAL food—I use as few ingredients as possible.”

Returning for another year showcasing Sharlie’s Treats at Craft Lake City’s DIY Festival, Weber is charged and ready to go. “I feel that the people that attend are people who truly appreciate the art of food,” she says. “It feels good to be appreciated and understood. I hope to excite many with an adventure for their taste buds this year again.”