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Upcoming Brewery Updates: Maple Mountain Brewing Co.

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Utah keeps gaining momentum with our craft beer scene. At press time, by our count, there were five breweries either just beginning to sprout or on the verge of a full bloom for opening. Here you’ll find some updates from Maple Mountain Brewing Co. You can also click the links to find more upcoming-brewery information from Grid City Beer WorksSaltFire Brewing Co.Toasted Barrel Brewery and a brand new, yet-to-be-named brewery.

Maple Mountain Brew Co.
Andrew Fullmer, Owner

SLUG: What is your vision and what are your goals for Maple Mountain as to the kind of beer offering you’ll have available?

Fullmer: Our vision for Maple Mountain Brewery has always been to provide beers with the best ingredients, making all of our ales delicious and full-bodied.

SLUG: Which beers/styles do you anticipate having available upon opening?

Fullmer: Upon opening, we will offer our amber ale, jalapeño blonde ale, Belgium, honey pale ale and IPA.

SLUG: Being that we’re in Utah, what obstacles have you faced in opening up? What recourses have you taken in order to get back on track?

Fullmer: Utah is a beautiful state with beautiful people. The fact that we have been working on opening and are now opening in a county known as “Happy Valley” has been very difficult. Our original plan was to have a production facility in Provo and then grow into a restaurant/pub-style microbrewery. The interesting thing is that Provo prides themselves on being the No. 1 entrepreneurial city in the state, but that is only if that business fits into their idea of what a business should be. We realize that a lot of individuals in this county think “ignorance is bliss,” but that is not the way anyone can grow and learn.

We were able to get back on track by moving MMBC to Spanish Fork, where the city already allows the manufacturing of beer, and teaming up with Phil Henderson at Tipsy Cow has been an amazing partnership.

SLUG: What do you most want to educate Utah-local governmental bodies about with regard to beer?

Fullmer: We would like the local government to understand that beer is a form of artistic expression and not something that is going to disrupt the so-called moral fiber of this county.

SLUG: What’s a realistic timeline that you’re hoping to be up and running by, and where/how will customers be able to drink your beer?

Fullmer: The nightclub we have teamed up with, Tipsy Cow in Spanish Fork, is currently open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m., and offers great food options along with local microbrews. As far as Maple Mountain Brew Co., our goal for opening and being in full production is nine to 12 months, but until then, come down and join us during the transformation.