This past Brewstillery event in May really opened Sugar House Distillery up to a group of people we have not been able to get in front of at other events. Illustration: Karly Tingey

Bearing Testimonies of SLUG Mag’s Brewstillery


On Saturday, Nov. 17, Union Event Center will host the first fall-biannual incarnation of SLUG Mag’s Brewstilery. Brewstillery is Utah’s all-local beer-and-spirits event that brings together local breweries, distilleries and attendees, all in one space. Two participating distilleries and one participating brewery have borne their testimonies as to what May 2018’s Brewstillery elicited for them and why they look forward to 2018’s second event in the series this November. Sugar House Distillery, Zion Brewery and Outlaw Distillery hit the beer-and-spirits pulpit here—you won’t want to miss them or the other participating distillery and breweries at the event.

Sugar House Distillery

Owner James Fowler:
I have been jealous in the past that beer festivals do not include distilleries. SLUG Magazine called me early last year saying they where planning something for May. My answer: “Of course Sugar House Distillery wants to be involved.” What a fun event we had at the Gallivan Center for the Brewstillery with them in May. Distilleries are not new in Utah. At the same time, I think the Utah distilling scene has been a little held back and is now starting to thrive. Really, we are one big group manufacturing alcohol in Utah, and we should be able to all have a festival together. Most people don’t just drink beer. They drink beer, wine and spirits.

This past Brewstillery event in May really opened us open up to a group of people we have not been able to get in front of at other events. We had a great time talking about our local grain-to-glass spirits program that we have here at Sugar House Distillery. Purchasing local is very important to me on many levels. If the manufacturer is purchasing local grain and supplies, then the consumer is purchasing local beer, wine and spirits. It’s a win-win for all of us.

Purchasing local spirits means more money stays within our community. Every dollar spent generates twice as much income for the local economy. Now think about what I said above, and we all win twice on the manufacturing and consumer level. Next time you go to the liquor store, please support local companies. Thank you to SLUG Magazine for getting all of us local-alcohol manufacturers together.

Zion Brewery

Head Brewer Jeremy Baxter:
We at Zion Brewery love attending and participating in these events. At May’s SLUG Mag’s Brewstillery event, we were honored to receive the “People’s Choice – Best New Brew award.” Props to everyone involved with putting together such a great event and great day! Inviting us brewers to create an exclusive release for the event really got the wheels turning, and it was dope pouring our creation and being able to taste the exclusive releases from the other breweries.

The inspiration gleaned from talking with and rubbing shoulders with our fellow brewers undeniably improves the craft. We came back home inspired and excited to try new ideas and techniques, further improving the overall craft and industry in our state. While breweries and distillers face unique challenges here in Utah, it is without doubt that constraint breeds creativity, and the SLUG Mag as well as Brewers Guild events foster the creative and further improve and bring up Utah’s craft beer and spirits culture.

On top of all that, having the opportunity to chat with and share our efforts with the attendees highlights the real reason we do what we do: bringing a little more goodness and joy into the world and building friendships and camaraderie along the way. Craft beer is the bomb! Cheers!

Outlaw Distillery

Co-Owner Denise Sedgwick:
The Brewstillery event was a great experience for Outlaw Distillery. Although it was a little cold, they had a good turnout. Staffing was great to check on us several times throughout the day. They were very organized in getting everyone set up for the event.

This event is very beneficial in helping us to promote our distillery by getting our name out into the public eye of Utah. This, in turn, will help to grow recognition of our spirits. Attendees help by getting the word out into the community of the great local products that are offered. By supporting locally made spirtis, this helps keep the monies within our state economy.

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