Not like any other avocado toast you’ve seen—the avocado toast at Beaumont Bakery tops theirs with hydroponic microgreens, cotija cheese and Fresno chiles.

Food Review: Beaumont Bakery & Café

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Beaumont Bakery & Café

3979 Wasatch Blvd. Millcreek, UT 84124
Mon – Thurs: 7 a.m. –7 p.m.
Fri – Sat :7 a.m.–8 p.m.
Sun:8 a.m.–3 p.m.
801.676.9340 ||

It’s safe to say that after hitting a saturated market, humanity will accommodate itself wherever pie mends hearts. Driving down the main drag of Wasatch Boulevard, separating Millcreek from Cottonwood heights, we find Beaumont Bakery & Cafe. Throughout their past year of operation, Beaumont has safely secured their spot as one of the classier pastry/lunch shops in the valley. Stemming from the minds of Jana and Jeff Whiting, owners of Pizzeria Limone and Aspen Mills Bread Co., it was a no-brainer that the couple would eventually need to flex their baking mastery within the finer Euro-chic experience that is Beaumont.

The entrance lets all the vitamin D in through natural-light fixtures and iridescent sound dampening overhead. Textured walls with psychedelic paisley roses keep the room olde and warm, while plush, long seating entreats one to sit for hours. It’s in this openness that, whichever direction guests look, it’s met by dramatic views of the Bonneville benches, a complete panopticon of chef’s ceramic kitchen or first-of-their-kind pastry displays. Beaumont also boasts a drive-thru and espresso bar, fueled by the fruity aromas of Campos Coffee Roasters. It’s no surprise that these guys have monopolized their own existence as the best quality quick-fix for mountain commuters in the area.

has safely secured their spot as one of the classier pastry/lunch shops in the valley

Beaumont Bakery takes the simple tuna sandwich to the next level of culinary excellence.
Photo: Talyn Sherer

The cafe hosts a modest wine-and-beer selection, and we side with a lunch date and envelop ourselves in imported design tastes surpassing others in our valley. Spending time on the Beaumont card reads like a diner menu, but the items themselves carry a punch. Featured soups are French Onion, Split Pea and Cream of Artichoke ($6.75). The idea is to keep a silky-crunch texture by ordering the artichoke, which mingles angelically with toasted orange zest and garlic bread crumbs like a christening. This soup is heavy on cream, with artichoke chunks blended in, and is prime for dipping. So, you’ll naturally want to get a sandwich or breakfast thing to dip in it.

Call me bold, but I pride myself on testing the merit of a good cafe tuna sandwich ($11.25), and Beaumont delivered. There’s a fine line in making just enough mass to sell before it goes bad. Classic “salad sandwich” protocol dictates that one may add anything to this entity and mayo. Regardless, great texture and bread need not be superseded by superfluous ingredients, and for this, I thank you Beaumont.

What’s more with this tuna sandwich, you wonder. Who even thinks to handcraft a loaf of jalapeño-cheddar-wheat bread, then toast perfect half-inch slices of it into pure golden butter? Simplicity is the key here, as sliced roma, chopped red onion, romaine and sweet house pickles marry the entity into a creamy, crunchy juxtaposition met only by blissful transience. Chips are less ideal than side salads, so we take an arugula/spinach blend, cherry tomatoes and watermelon radish.

The people of Beaumont have devoted their livelihoods to peddling some of the most flavorful and textured baked goods available in the Salt Lake Valley.

Best save room for desert—Beaumont offers a variety of mouth-watering pastries, pies and croissants.
Photo: Talyn Sherer

Life experience says that people prefer to douse their leaves in however much dressing suits them. Empowering the people, Beaumont appropriately serves a generous chalice of their lemon-basil vinaigrette on the side. Without question, the salad feels freshly picked and chilled, and that vinaigrette highlights all points. The viscosity from oil and emulsifier are made sweet by an earthy sour, as lemon and basil harmonize on another level altogether. They leave you with just enough juice that the eater can dribble all excess over bites of said tuna sandwich.

The Avocado Toast ($10.75) is tearing down walls in a big way. Beaumont turns their Super Seed wheat bread into two slabs and slices out an entire avocado over citrus crema. They then top this bad boy with hydroponic microgreens, cotija and thinly sliced Fresno chiles. A big part of Beaumont leans toward a sustainable 80%-plant-, 20%-meat-based diet, and splitting the tuna with avocado toast accomplishes this dual mantra in harmonious excess. The nice thing about a fresh Fresno chile garnish is that it compounds what would have been a quirky spin on tradition by entertaining garden aromas on the front and alluring with its naturally assigned sweet-pickle and spice tones toward the back of the tongue.

Again, the people of Beaumont have devoted their livelihoods to peddling some of the most flavorful and textured baked goods available in the Salt Lake Valley. While their entire menu encapsulates these traits as a quality cafe should do, your first visit shouldn’t be the drive-thru. Instead, you should be introduced through Beaumont Bakery’s assortment of croissants, key-lime tarts and rotating breakfast pastries inside at the counter with a double shot of espresso. For more information check out—though walking in will never be a wash.