Brewvies Review

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677 S 200 W, Salt Lake City, UT
Sunday–Saturday 11:30 a.m.–1:00 a.m.
801.355.5500 |

I originally submitted a review for June’s SLUG of a fantastic little spot in Orem that I recently found and now love. I was very proud of myself and as far as I could tell, SLUG was going to be the first paper in town to write about this spot, but alas, at the last moment my editor asked me to shelve the review for a month because June’s issue is themed around Beer.

All of my hard work was for nothing. Well, I guess it wasn’t for nothing because you’ll be able to read about it next month, which means that I get a month off. Anyway, I decided to review my one favorite spots to grab a beer with friends, bullshit a little, and if I’m hungry, order some eats. Plus, in my opinion, it’s the best place to watch a movie in town. With all that extra leg room and no kids, how could you not love it? That’s right, I went to Brewvies.

It was a Thursday night, so business was pretty slow. Only a meager crowd of regulars, including SLUG’s own Mike Brown, who managed to leak it to the wait staff why I was dining there. Needless to say, the service was impeccable. I’m not saying that the servers aren’t regularly attentive, but I could almost swear that resident bartender Scott Farley was kissing my ass the whole time, and I’m not sure that my food has ever been that prompt anywhere other than shitty fast food joints.

I started my meal with a pint of Guinness ($4.25) then promptly moved on to a pitcher of the Bohemian Brewery’s Cherny Boch($10), one of my favorite local brews. One of things I love about Brewvies is the great selection of local beer on tap, including Uinta, Squatters, Roosters and The Bohemian brews. I’m sure that I missed one or two, but hell, you get the idea.

I usually either order a pizza (for those of you that haven’t frequented Brewvies recently, they bought a new pizza oven several months ago and pizza is now back on the menu) or I get the some of the best enchiladas in town. I’m told that it is one of the cook’s old family recipes.

This time I decided to try the chipotle bbq chicken sandwich ($9) and my wife got her usual—a half order of vegetarian nachos. I’m pretty picky when it comes to chicken; it usually seems dry, overcooked and generally bland. I was pleasantly surprised with my sandwich; the chicken was cooked perfectly and the bbq sauce had just the right balance of sweet, smoky and spice.

I took it with a side salad (I’ve gotta watch my girlish figure, you know) and to finish our meal we shared a slice of a new dessert menu item—fried cheesecake ($5.75). This deep-fried dessert was served with a chocolate sauce and it was as amazing as it sounds.

Granted, my opinion could have been a little skewed by the fact that I was a little lit by that point, but now I’ve come to the conclusion that all cheesecake should be deep-fried. I do think that the option of a raspberry or strawberry sauce might be nice though.

Brewvies’ menu has been going through a lot of changes. All the old favorites are still there, but every time I go to the place, it seems there is something new to try. Next time you want to get dinner, tie one on and see a movie, don’t risk getting busted sneaking some warm pisswater in a can into the Megaplex Theatres only to have the movie ruined by a stupid fuck who thought it would be a cool to bring their kids to a 10 p.m. viewing of whatever. Instead, head to Brewvies for only a $6 ticket ($3 for matinees or $3 all day with student I.D.) and enjoy your movie with craft beer.

Insider’s Tip: Every Wednesday is Brewvies’ “Cheap Date Night,” where one can order a liter of PBR for $3, any dessert (including deep-fried cheesecake) for $3 and a movie ticket for $3. Damn! That’s ghetto deluxe.