Paying homage to our state’s extravagant Pioneer Day celebrations, we asked some local pioneer foodies to pair an appropriate menu item from their establishment with a favorite local beer available in the bottle, or on-tap inside the restaurant. Make it a merry Pie & Beer Day on July 24 by stuffing your bonnets to the brim with these tasty meals.

The Dodo
1355 E. 2100 S.
Salt Lake City, Utah
Pie: The Blueberry Sour Cream Pie is a refreshingly light tasting cream pie with an abundance of blueberries, a flaky pastry crust and walnut streusel top. It is served with a generous dollop of fresh whipped cream.
Beer: The Apricot Hefeweizen is Wasatch Beers’ fruitiest selection: The exuberant apricot character of this beer comes with subtle peach tones. The aroma includes a bit of malt, and the body is light.
Pairing: This fruit-forward weiss beer finishes with a crisp, refreshing effervescence that nicely complements the sweet yet tart Blueberry Sour Cream Pie. The Pie explodes with the refined sweetness of the blueberries initially, and the whipped cream and walnut streusel top bolster the frutiness as the tart tones set in. With this light hef, the pie washes down easily, as the crust is light and flaky, which sets this pie apart in being a game-ender—it is more of a “session-able” pie, so to speak. The apricot notes of the beer meld with the almost caramel-tinted whipped cream, which allows the beer to transcend into a near meta-pie. Going down, the crumbles of the streusel top provide a hearty counterbalance to the subtly sweet beer. As the pie and beer begin to disappear, the crust washes down smoothly for a delightful, dulcet finish. –Bryan O’Meara, Owner