Jawaher tucks her hair behind her ear, showing off the intricate henna designs on her hands.

Jawaher Designs: DIY Festival Artisan


The 15th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival Presented By Harmons is returning to the Utah State Fairpark to celebrate a momentous 15 years as Utah’s largest local-centric arts, music, science and technology festival with a selection of over 350 local artisans and makers. In the following pages, read about a few of the exciting vendors and exhibitors you can expect to see throughout the three-day weekend, including performances from renowned national acts! Check out craftlakecity.com for more info.

Jawaher smiles at the camera in a white shirt, posing with her henna-adorned hand on her shoulder.
Photo: John Barkiple

Jawaher Fadhel first began using henna, a 100% natural dye derived from the henna tree, when she was 12 years old and living in Libya. The artwork and design of henna tattooing came naturally to her, and it quickly became a passion. She continued to practice henna art as she got older and eventually opened her business, Jawaher Designs, in 2016 in Salt Lake City, where she has been professionally tattooing ever since.

Jawaher grew up with African and Middle Eastern cultures shaping her life and has found this to be influential in her henna designs. She also finds inspiration for her work from nature and storytelling and enjoys working with her clients to create personalized temporary tattoos. “If my client has specific ideas, I will use their hand as a canvas to create a unique piece of art,” says Jawaher.

Jawaher has shared her work with several organizations and groups, tattooing at events for the International Rescue Committee (IRC), World Refugee Day Annual Celebration, AfroUtah Festival and this year’s DIY Festival. Jawaher finds it important to educate others about her culture and the spiritual and healing properties of henna. “Henna is my biggest [form] of self-care,” she says, often giving herself a new henna tattoo design every three weeks to feel fresh and confident. Jawaher even provides free henna crowns for anyone battling cancer. Check out samples of her incredible designs on her website at jawaherdesigns.square.site and at her booth at the DIY Festival.

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