Krado stands in front of a lush green background of trees and bushes.

Krado: DIY Festival STEM Exhibitor


Krado poses outside with their product, leaflet™, in a cardboard box.
Photo: John Barkiple

The 15th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival Presented By Harmons is returning to the Utah State Fairpark to celebrate a momentous 15 years as Utah’s largest local-centric arts, music, science and technology festival with a selection of over 350 local artisans and makers. In the following pages, read about a few of the exciting vendors and exhibitors you can expect to see throughout the three-day weekend, including performances from renowned national acts! Check out for more info.

The conflicting advice we read online about houseplant care can be confusing and frustrating: Is it too much water or not enough? Too sunny or not enough sun? Plant care is often generalized, and there isn’t much research available on non-commercial plants, says Krado, an AgTech company that provides subscribers with a holistic plant care system called leaflet™.

Krado co-founders Eric Lo, Jesse Montgomery and Max Ono are on a mission to revolutionize how we care for houseplants by filling this knowledge gap with leaflet™. Leaflet™ is a sensor that you place in your plants, telling you the precise temperature, humidity, moisture and light requirements. The accompanying app translates the data into simple tasks and automatically ships products tailored to your plant’s needs to your doorstep.

Krado says, “When we first started, we weren’t thinking about plant data or building a plant database. We were just a couple of scientists trying to make our houseplants happy … That’s when we learned the world doesn’t really know that much about plants.” This is why Krado uses the power of collective action—every person who uses leaflet™ contributes to its database. Leaflet™ is the first plant database designed to “accelerate and advance research” across disciplines and answer questions such as: Can hemp replace concrete? How do we grow plants on Mars?

To learn more about plant science or to see leaflet™ in action, visit online or at the DIY Festival.

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