For our issue of all things podcast, I searched high and low to find one that actually appealed to me. It came from one-third of the Radio From Hell trio on X96, Bill Allred. He hosts The Let’s Go Eat Show, a weekly podcast that features interviews with people from the community that you likely know, or have at least heard of. Bill uses an intimate restaurant setting to sit and chat with his date, getting his subject relaxed, comfortable and even a little liquored. Bill weaves the honed radio magic we’ve loved for years (and years), diving deep into his interviewee’s past to take us on an unedited journey of the person’s life story. Among some of his past subjects are people I know personally, including Charles Lynn Frost, aka Sister Dottie S. Dixon, and our very own SLUG Editor, Angela Brown. Thanks to the podcast, I feel I know them a little better.

I love to eat (Who doesn’t?), so the integration of food is also a big plus. Throughout the podcast episodes, you hear Bill and his guest order their food, talk to the various staff about wine selections and desserts and even hear shout-outs to other “celeb” patrons who might happen by. I think this is an amazing combo, and they help promote local business. More often than not, an interview with the proprietor of the business is also included in the same or in a separate segment. I knew immediately: I wanted to be on the show.

I keep toying with the idea of hosting my own podcast. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some really great people in my life, people who do way more amazing things than me, with life experiences I could only dream of, and it would be wrong to waste that outlet. In this day, you need to be on the heels of technology, or life goes forward without you—for someone like me, that’s the greatest fear. This would be a perfect opportunity to study some of Bill’s experience and soak in his undeniable PR charm. If I did decide to do a podcast, I hope it would be half as interesting. That being said, I asked my SLUG fairies to set up a meeting with Bill.

The Let’s Go Eat team were immediately open to it, and I’m glad they even bothered. Due to my jet-setting ways, I was being a little impossible to schedule. We set a date and I asked if we could dine at SLC’s newest vegetarian eatery and nightclub venue, Zest.

When I arrived, Bill was at the mic as the host. He also oversees the guest selection and promotions. Continuing the legacy and at the helm is producer Dylan Allred. Dylan is the 25-year-old son of the radio personality and, in a much more modern path, is taking over the proverbial family business. Enrolled in the electronic media program at Weber State, I asked him if he was the brains behind the operation, and saw right through his humble answer. The father/son team work very well together, and, upon introduction, made me feel at ease. Before the recording, I was panicking as to what I wanted to talk about or how I would come across to their average listener. I had heard their other interviews with news anchors, politicians and entrepreneurs––jeez, the pressure! I studied up on their past shows to find things I had in common with the host for witty banter, but, with the first question, all my doubts disappeared.

“So who are you anyway, and why am I interviewing you?” asked Bill. I choked for a half second, but came back, “A shameless self-promoter.” His follow-up was how he had researched me, starting with a barrage of compliments on my beauty and ¡poof! I was putty in his hands. His formula is simple: His skill at interviewing is in his listening––he asks questions, and when something grabs his interest, he detours down that road to another interesting scenario until the next thing I knew, we were finishing dessert and an hour had passed. You can hear the episode I’m featured on at along with the rest of the episodes.

What did I learn about podcasts? Be a good listener––that’s a hard one. Have a running joke, something I spaced in my interview (I was going to tell about my awkward introduction to Chris Vanocur). Develop a catch phrase­­––that seems to be popular. Oh, and find someone to produce it, ugh! I’ve already lost interest. Let’s face it, my blog, has been sitting untouched since August. I admit it, I’m lazy.
Eat me!

However, I will take advantage of my newly acquired interviewing skills and put them to use on SLUG’s pod-venture, Soundwaves From the Underground, and interview my friend, New York performance art legend Joey Arias, who will be at Urban Lounge on Feb. 28––check it out.