Review: Aftermath

Book Reviews

Joel Meyerowitz

Phaidon Press
Street: 08.26.06

I think there has got to be a hundred of these books out there, and all of them are probably titled “Aftermath.” You know, giant, glowing books about 9/11 and the wreckage, tragedy and irony that is 9/11. The book is enormous and heavy––I’m talking at least 10 pounds! The pictures are beautiful and there are some interesting portrayals juxtaposing and positioning the turmoil with everyday life––turning it into a palpable, almost normal event. However, how many of us are sick of worshiping those giant phallic symbols and their demise? Or, at least perturbed by the interpretation and discourse surrounding that cloudy day? There are other September 11ths out there, especially ones that have been more tragic and beautiful. I’d rather look at something else, please. –Spanther