Review: Buddy Does Jersey

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Buddy Does Jersey
Peter Bagge

Fantagraphics Books
Street: 05.15

There is a certain target audience and age for a graphic novel like this; I am thinking mostly of your average music snob, male, age 18-35. The premise and formula is pretty simple––an obnoxious hipster with a neurotic girlfriend, living in Seattle move back to New Jersey to live with his parents, get his life in order and the calamity that ensues––and even better, most of the people I know fit this description (or a good part of it). What is good and bad in turns is that the situations are all too familiar in attitude and delivery, of a cool kid with a chip on his shoulder. Running in at 300 plus pages makes it a little much for one sitting but in small doses can be awkwardly hilarious. Its a coming-of-age story for those who hate coming-of-age. –Erik Lopez