Review: Code Version 2.0


Code Version 2.0
Lawrence Lessig

Basic Books
Street: 12.12.06

The Internet is huge now; millions of people go online everyday, interact and download myriads of files from games, to word files to music. But what governs this “virtual world” and should it be governed at all? Lawrence Lessig tackles what regulates the Internet, how it is regulated now and where regulation of the ‘net should go from here. With erudition, wit, in- and foresight, Lessig goes over such problems as copyright, privacy and free speech on the Internet to name a few. Lessig feels that the Internet is run by two things, code and commerce, and that the intersection of these two things creates an architecture which can either hinder or help the inherent freedoms that need to be established in these virtual spaces. Using four principal modalities; the market, law, social norms and code. Lessig feels that we can build an architecture of the Internet that is both free and regulated. This book is highly recommend for those interested in the struggle between free culture, constitutional rights and, of course, the Internet. In other words, an “A+++ ASSET TO EBAY” rating for Lessig and his wonderful work. – Erik Lopez