Review: DADA

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Rudolf Kuenzli

Phaidon Press
Street: 10.16.2006

Rudolf Kuenzli, a leading scholar of dadaism, joins forces with Phaidon Press, printer of fantastic art books, to make a survey on dada. While dadaism is one of the best known art movements of the 20th century, Kuenzli provides a great overview of the movement through his introductory essay which places dada in a social and political context, big photo reproductions of works and accompanying descriptions, as well as textual excerpts, placed at the end of the books, providing more context for the movement as a whole. This book is a great introductory book for those who know about dadaism but don’t know what it is. Phaidon and Kuenzli offer a rich foundation with which to dive deeper into a study of not only dada practices and art but also to European art movements of the 20th century. Big illustrations, rich explanatory notes and references make this another must-have from Phaidon press. – Erik Lopez