Review: Dope

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Kevin Grose

Page Publishing
Street: 09.30.14

The world of drug dealing and drug use are topics often portrayed in movies and TV—mainly played out through the lens of the society or law enforcement. The perspective and thoughts of people who are actually doing the acts are commonly overlooked. Dope takes the reader head first into the world of methamphetamine and the criminal justice system. Kevin Grose illuminates his own story through a personal and straightforward style of writing. This type of writing makes the reader want to keep pushing through the morbid humor and settings. Grose also deftly highlights the pain, suffering and pure power of addiction. The mindset that allows one to get a woman addicted to drugs to the point where she is “eating out of your hands” is honestly portrayed and—unsettling as it is—the mindset and pure dependency of the drug shows the dangers of meth. The purpose of the book seems to be a “here’s what to expect” sort of lesson. Grose is not trying to change any minds but just share his honest viewpoint of where certain actions will lead and how no matter how invincible you feel, you’re not. –Barnabas