Review: Ecosocialism: A Radical Alternative To Capitalist Catastrophe

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Ecosocialism: A Radical Alternative To Capitalist Catastrophe
Michael Lowy

Haymarket Books
Street: 04.15.2015

Michael Lowy brilliantly proposes Ecosocialism as a viable alternative to the capitalist mess that has enveloped the planet and that threatens our collective survival. His explanation on how socialism is the system is wonderfully engaging. He explains his theory using examples of the struggle against capitalism and gives step by step solutions to guide readers on a better path. However, while Lowy presents his alternative way of life, he stresses that even his solutions are not a reason for optimism; rather they are the only real way out the catastrophic mess that threatens humanity’s very survival and that time is running out. In all this book is a must read manifesto. His ideas are certainly radical, but that shouldn’t deter you giving this book a read. Ecosocialsim as presented here is certainly worth your attention The solutions presented are plausible and are probably the only real way to tackle the world’s greatest problems caused by environmental degradation curtesy of the for-profit thinking capitalist class. It’s time to think outside the box and Lowy’s ideas are certainly a good beginner’s guide to creating a sustainable and alternative way of living. Time is running out, so be sure to pick up this book and join the fray for our future. —Nick Kuzmack