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Street: 05.22

MOME follows in the fine footsteps of other anthologies and quarterlies of this century (ex. McSweeney’s) by showcasing first-rate up-and-coming artists, writers, etc. The comics represented here range from self-conscious absurd dream narratives to the surreal pop panel to an extended meditation on depression and comic book creators. As for my own tastes in comics, I like something with a little bit more madness in it such as Paul Hornschemeier’s work mixed with contemplative narratives drawn in a loose imagistic fashion such as Lewis Trondheim. In this issue the likes of Anders Nilsen, Eleanor Davis and David Heatley put on the best goods to the show tunes and provide the most engaging, if not perplexing, material in this rag tag collection of graphic artists. Where else can you boast an 83.2 percent ratio of good to ok content? –Erik Lopez