Review: nEuROTIC

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John Cuneo

Fantagraphic Books
Street: 03.28

In nEuROTIC, John Cuneo focuses on just that in his work: the sexual, the erotic. His style is a perversely humorous, other-wordly and an exotic sketchbook that aptly illustrates the connection between human sexuality and the surreal. Cuneo’s drawings claw the line between a more animated, lively and all together loose interpretative comedy of errors; it is as if Cuneo had seen the underlying dark humor beneath a Lucien Freud painting and decided it would be best to free it from its frame. Case in point: “Whistler, and His Mother Again,” in which he draws with pencil a fat lady in a skirt, sitting in chair with her chest exposed having her nipple painted in flesh color by an artist who represents all the cliched sterotypes of “an artist.” One word here folks: amaZING! –Erik Lopez