Review: Love Maps

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Love Maps
Eliza Factor

Akashic Books
Street: 05.05

Sometimes, there aren’t enough boxes to stand on when you want to praise a book. Eliza Factor’s engaging and thoughtful follow up to The Mercury Fountain has me thinking that I need at least one more box. For existing fans of Factor, this book is not like its predecessor. It’s a romance that makes you wonder why the English language only has one word for love when our Latin ancestors had so many more. Love Maps displays the love for your family, the love you have for your children and finally for the one you love—which is the only one you get to choose. The dialogue is extremely enjoyable and confident, which keeps some of the more real moments from dipping down further than they need to. Intimacy is important for readers when it comes to books—you’ll want to wear out the book’s pages,  let the book sit next to you in the car and get it bent up in your backpack. Your relationship with a book comes from everything inside of it, and this book has plenty. I hope you read it and maybe find some boxes of your own to stand on. –Benjamin Tilton