Review: Uncle John’s Canoramic Bathroom Reader

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Uncle John’s Canoramic Bathroom Reader

Various Writers
Bathroom Readers Institute
Street: 10.28.14

Back in the day, when the Internet was a gleam in the eyes of online chess players and Simpsons fans, the conglomerate of encyclopedic information didn’t really exist yet. Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader series was launched back in 1988, giving those with a thirst for knowledge and some, ahem, time to kill, an opportunity to indulge and become smarter. The series has been going strong ever since, most recently releasing their 27th edition: the Canoramic Bathroom Reader. As with previous volumes, you’re given a wide array of pop culture and informational topics, with a scale of readability for people who either need a quick read or will be indisposed for a period of time. Such gems from this series include the history of Budweiser, the real action behind Reality TV, how the Checkered Cab was created, a guide to taxidermy, and real-life alcoholic gadgets used to sneak liquor into places. In an age where everyone knows everything at the swipe of a smartphone, it’s still awesome to have these books around to give you conversation starters that didn’t come from an app. –Gavin Sheehan