Review: Things Just Get Away From You

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Things Just Get Away From You
Walt Holcombe

Fantagraphics Books
Street: 06.15

In Things Just Get Away From You, Holcombe expresses his exotic stories in a simple and direct manner filling each panel with a visual style that is fluid and exaggerated. Like a dream, it equally draws from his time as an animator as much as from his quirky imagination. From tales about a lovelorn sultan to a mischievous hobo, Holcombe’s storytelling meanders and rambles like Mr. Magoo in such a lighthearted and good natured way that you wonder if Holcombe is blind to the sarcasm and cynicism of the times. Collecting Holcombe’s late 90s comics into one great looking cloth volume, Things Just Get Away From You is “captivatingly sweet and desperately needed.” –Erik Lopez