Review: Lost Planet


Lost Planet

Reviewed On: Xbox 360
Street: 01.07

The console wars are raging which means good news for us gamers. Lost Planet is the latest from Capcom, one of the premier game developers on the planet. Not only does Capcom deliver with Lost Planet but they have also elevated the action shooter to another level. Enemies are bigger, smarter and better looking than ever. Game play is almost perfect with easy camera angles and great weapons from beginning to end. The story is not too bad but to be honest I don’t pay that much attention to the stories in most games, it’s as if they were written for teenagers or something. When I said that the enemies are bigger you might be thinking that maybe enemies have hit a little growth spurt. Well I’m talking about enemies that stand about 50 stories high, move quickly and take no prisoners. The first time I saw one of these giants I almost dropped my controller and ran away, they are that scary. Luckily Lost Planet gives us the option of jumping into what they call a V.S., picture the forklift that Sigourney piloted in Aliens but with interchangeable weapons and rockets to help it move much more quickly. When you’re not fighting the native monsters on the Lost Planet you’re pitted against an entire legion of vigilante snow pirates (yarrrg, its cold) or the better equipped army of some evil government agency that is hell bent on blowing you to pieces. Good time ensue. If you enjoy the kind of action where it’s easier to count the moments when things aren’t exploding and not paying attention for more than a few moments will land you in a shallow ice grave then pick up Lost Planet as soon as possible. Although not the most difficult game this one really pegs the fun meter. I have yet to get online with Lost Planet but everything I’ve heard seems to indicate that it’s at least as fun at the single player campaign which is completely fantastic. 4.5 out of 5 flying electric jellyfish. -Jesse Kennedy