Race Driver 2006

Review: Race Driver 2006


Race Driver 2006
Sumo Digital/Codemasters

Reviewed On:PSP
Street: 06.06

There are plenty of arcade style racers already here but Race Driver 2006 is one of the first attempts at a serious racing simulator on the PSP. As you might expect from a dated game (this is a port of TOCA Race Driver2), the graphics are not spectacular and the racing dynamics seem familiar. However, nice work has been done by Codemasters to make the controls very user-friendly and the feel of the cars very realistic. Forget about a manual transmission but count on crashes doing some real damage to your car for once! Maybe not as challenging as it could be, this game is still a must-try for any racing fans in the portable game market. 4 out of 5 scorched synchros. – Jesse Kennedy