Review: Epanalepsis

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Cameron Kunzelman/Mastertronic

Reviewed on: PC (Exclusive)
Street: 05.21

Epanalepsis is a narrative point and click RPG that is done in an 8-bit art style and also features its own soundtrack , included with the game download. You play as three different characters from various time periods—the 1990s, 2010s and 2030s—and your goal is to find out the connection between the characters and their time periods, all while getting hints from people in your subconscious mind. The writing in this game is absolutely incredible, and the artwork is all done by hand. I can definitely appreciate all of the hard work that went into the creation of this game, though I cannot honestly say that I enjoyed playing it. I think that this game is catering to a small niche of people and not to a broader audience, and I respect that, but I’m not part of that niche. The gameplay wasn’t bad, and the artwork was great, but I personally prefer a little more interactivity. Steam’s description of the game even details it as a “New Wave science fiction, cyberpunk dystopian” story, which is pretty specific. If you are into unique video games that focus purely on the story, then this game is definitely for you. –Nicole Stephenson