Review: Technobabylon

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Technocrat Games/ Wadjet Eye Games
Reviewed on: PC (Exclusive)
Street: 05.21

At this point, one should not be surprised when smaller developers and publishers continue to be the ambitious parties in the realm of narrative and choice within gaming. It’s really the same in any medium—more money usually equates to less risk-taking. Technobabylon is a great example. A small, independently developed point-and-click adventure, this cyberpunk-noir tale takes us on a choice-filled, twisty ride, masterfully doing so through well-crafted, non-sequential story telling. We’re placed in the shoes of several characters as we track a serial criminal and try to piece together why he is choosing his victims. I don’t want to give away too much here, mostly because its reveals are where this title shines.  Another bright spot is the puzzle/level design. The game takes a hands-off approach to helping the player, which makes every moment of progress incredibly satisfying. Combined with the minimalistic presentation, which  features a retro, ’90s art style, Technobabylon’s one of the more memorable gaming experiences I have had in a while and is a must buy for any point-and-click fan. –Blake Leszczynski