Review: WTF



Reviewed On: PSP
Street: 10.17

Have you ever wanted to be a worker in a Third World labor market? Does the term ‘sweat shop’ make you tingle? Does pointless repetition really melt your butter? If you answered yes to any of these questions then not only do you have a problem, but I have the solution. WTF (Work Time Fun) will have you begging for mercy in no time as you conquer oodles of mini-games all based on the simple, mindless repetition you might find as the lid twister in a Jiffy peanut butter factory. What makes this game fun is the total strangeness of the games inside of WTF. From capping a thousand ball point pens, to sending baby chicks to heaven, you’ll not only wonder why someone bothered to make this game but more importantly why is it so cool? Earn money to buy more jobs or unlock helpful tools that can turn your PSP into an extra set of eyes or even a Ramen timer. Work Time Fun (or Baito Hell 2000, as it is known overseas) seems to have tapped into something very elemental in game play that makes what should be completely horrible really fun. Let’s face it, all video games have elements of repetition, but usually the object of the game is to distract us from the fact that we’re not really doing anything except pushing a few buttons over and over again. WTF goes the other way and extracts the repetition and features it as the focus of the game. One of the strangest things about WTF is how easy it is to mess up some of the simplest games ever put on the screen. Having to make the same decision a few hundred times in a few minutes is more difficult than you might think! The quickness and simplicity of these games also make them perfect for the portable environment, since you don’t have to worry about what you were doing when you last played. So if you’re up for some brain-pulping, eye-glazing, chuckle-inducing fun go pick up WTF ftw! 4 out of 5 bunnies on the chopping block! – Jesse Kennedy