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4 Pop-Culture T-Shirts

While I am certainly a fan of any shirt that can canvas my nerdy inclinations with a cheeky pun or joke, sometimes a guy just wants to wear a cool-looking shirt. Design by Humans doesn’t mess around on this front, as their selection of designs are almost unanimously gorgeous. Featuring everything from pop-culture references to imaginative full-torso designs, their stable of shirts have a strong art-house look that’s easily recognizable among the countless other companies in the 24-hour T-shirt sale biz.

The silent humor of classics “The Communist Party” and “Z Dogs” takes its time to settle in while still featuring iconic imagery that’s applicable outside the realm of geekdom. Meanwhile, shirts like “Empire Propaganda” and “Praise the Sun” are unabashed in their celebration of beloved franchises, unafraid to pay their respects in a serious, thoughtful piece of art.

The shirts themselves are a little thicker than I’m used to, but have a good, stretchy material that doesn’t feel rough against my skin. The seams are well-stitched and stand up well to even an active geek lifestyle. Getting one of these iconic designs when they’re on sale feels practically like a crime, so keep an eye on their site. –Henry Glasheen