Review: ethika Underwear


ethika Underwear


I’m just gonna say it — sexy and comfortable is ethika Underwear! At first glance, I didn’t think ethika was any different from your standard performance underwear, but after I gave their products a week of wear in a few sweaty situations, I understand why athletic celebrities like Ryan Sheckler, Louie Vito and Lyndsey “Lyn-z” Adams Hawkins & Travis Pastrana sponsor the brand.

First: ethika uses a cotton spandex blend, which makes their fabric ultra soft and extremely flexible. It’s perfect for working out or just being comfortable on any given day. To me, good workout clothes should be just as comfortable to wear when you’re not working out as they are when you are working out. Second: Like most performance brands, ethika’s products are designed with that classic, thick, super-tight elastic band (you know — it usually has the brand’s name in big letters printed on it) but ethika’s band doesn’t hurt or irritate you after an hour of wear. That elastic band, be it lining your sports bra or underwear, is actually there for support — comfortable support. Go figure. ethika’s underwear goes unnoticed, which is what makes it great for everyday wear. On top of being comfortable, ethika’s underwear stays put when you’re working out! What a pleasant surprise from the usual knock-off brands which are so easy to purchase at the big-box stores that claim to carry the exact-same qualities as the high-end brands.

ethikaSo, ethika sold me on quality and comfort, but it wasn’t until I got on their website and looked at their super-sexy ads that I felt like a rockstar wearing their brand. This company is not afraid to sell their product by using the Adonis bodies of professional athletes. Um, yeah, I want to feel like a sexy model riding a motorcycle in the middle of L.A. wearing nothing but stiletto heels and looking hot in a bra and panties … Oh, she’s wearing ethika brand? I’ll take five different styles, please. Um, yeah, Ryan Sheckler looks friggin’ hot with his tatted chest, saggy jeans and ethika underwear showing … My boyfriend could use a style boost — I’ll take every color you have! When you look at ethika’s constant sex-appeal ads, you can’t help but get a little unhinged, and the next thing you know, you’re typing your credit card information into their website. This is a good thing, by the way. There is nothing wrong with letting an underwear brand boost your confidence.

Besides turning into a goddess while wearing ethika, I do want to emphasize their micromesh material. It’s perfect for intense workouts or very hot days. Mesh fabric is known for its breathability, and ethika’s micromesh manages to feel like silky cotton, while being as breathable as you’d expect any mesh material to be — another plus when you want to get your sweat on!

Now for the pricing: It’s reasonable, and it’s worth it! If you can let Lululemon burn a hole in your pocket, then you can definitely afford ethika. All of their products (men’s and women’s) range in price from $22 – $35. Not bad for a brand that delivers quality, comfort and self-assurance. You can pick ethika up at any Tilly’s retail store or online at