Review: Feel Hood Stay Hood – Hooded Scarf

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Feel Hood Stay Hood

Hooded Scarf with Pocket

My favorite and most stylish coats don’t come with hoods, so I didn’t realize how unnecessarily cold my ears, neck and face were until I tried on one of Feel Hood Stay Hood’s hooded scarves ($50–80). These handmade outerwear accessories make for cozy, nigh-impenetrable protection against the dreadfully numb, dry and chapped consequences of harsh and blustering winter winds. Crafted from thick, high-quality wool and trendy Pendleton, this hooded scarf is as functional—its roughly 7-inch-long pocket takes care of all the necessities—as it is versatile. I’ve worn it with a denim jacket, pullover sweater and heavy coat, and I’ve worn the scarf hanging down, swung over my shoulders and—my personal favorite—tucked around my neck. The hooded scarf sits comfortably and naturally with the hood on or off, and it’s a perfect way to top off that precious camp-chic, function-forward ensemble of yours. With a variety of lengths, prints, materials and color palettes—plus the chance to custom order—these hooded scarves can come as understated staple or bright statement to keep you feeling charming and snug, whether you’re getting ready for a commute to work, a late night out or a venture into the mountains. –Kathy Zhou