Review: Lenovo 500 Bluetooth Speaker

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500 Bluetooth Speaker + Mic

The amount of Bluetooth speakers on the market can be daunting when choosing to upgrade from the ‘03 Dell speakers that accompanied your computer. The Lenovo 500 Bluetooth Speaker rises to the top of an overwhelming sea for two simple reasons. First is the price ($79.99), and second, the quality of sound and design for this price. The Bluetooth connectivity exceeded my expectations compared to other devices on the market. The Lenovo speaker connects effortlessly and easily every time to an array of media-playing devices. By the off chance that one of your devices may not have Bluetooth capabilities—such as a yellow Walkman—the Lenovo provides an audio jack input and cord. In addition to being a wireless speaker, the Lenovo features a clear, quality microphone for hands-free applications along with an unfiltered sound for the person on the other end of a phone call. The Lenovo’s simple silver and black skin conforms to a cylinder with a triangle fin protruding from the circumference of the speaker, allowing it to stand on its end or lay it down on the side. Four rubber feet help keep the speaker from bouncing around when turned up to 11. The four directional “clicky” circular disk button on top allows for simple and easy navigation of all of the Lenovo’s functions. The Lenovo is a great speaker overall. Although, the different beeping sounds and flashing light modes can be a bit confusing when trying to understand what function it is currently performing. –Joshua Joye