Great Salt Lake Clothing Co.
Church Is In Session / Hike Utah T-Shirts
Sometimes you want to wear a shirt that shows your hometown pride without looking like a damn tourist. Every shirt in the GSL Clothing Co. store makes this possible. They also make great gifts for friends who have left the state. From subtle nods to our mountains to an image of our skyline with 801 and Salt Lake text, you will find a shirt that suits your love of home. GSL Clothing Co. started covering our backs last year and should have no issue continuing to do so with their passion for Utah. You will for sure find a good fit for winter with the Smog Lake City/Respirator tee. When you order one of these shirts, you are not only keeping money in the state that you love, as GSL Clothing Co. is also giving back to the city that they love: They’ve paired up with the Crossroads Urban Center to donate a can of soup to the emergency food pantry for every shirt they sell online. If that isn’t kind enough, any misprinted shirts will also be donated to the Crossroads Urban Center Thrift Shop. If you actually love where you call home and the people who do the same, these shirts will let everyone know it. Be proud and keep it local. –Granato

Power Practical
Lithium 4400 USB Battery Pack
In a growing age where we need our phones all the time, it’s almost become a necessity to have a charger on hand in case your phone starts to die. Power Practical have just come out with the Lithium 4400, a battery that’s designed for people on the go and those seeking to be away for ex- tended periods of time. The pack was super efficient in charging if I left my phone alone, but would run slowly or even stall if I used it while charging. Charging is a cinch overnight, but it’s unclear how long to charge for or how long of a life it has. The flashlight on the side may be cool if you use it while camping, but it ultimately is just an awkward add-on. The biggest issue with it is the size, which feels bulky and unnecessary. I mean, it is 2015— are we not able to create this same charger and shrink it down to half the size? The pack is super useful, but the instructions say more about what not to do with it than what it does, which is always a sign to be wary of what you’re buying. –Gavin Sheehan

Power Practical
PowerPot 5
The PowerPot was born right here in Salt Lake City when two really smart guys, David Toledo and Paul Slusser, pondered what they could do with the energy coming from their campfire. The PowerPot takes the heat from a fire, camp stove, home range or any other consistent heat source and generates electricity via a fire-resistant USB connection. It is pretty awesome, but there are some things to be mindful of when staring at that $99 price tag. The PowerPot only generates electricity when it is in use. Given the nature and efficiency in the PowerPot’s cooking capabilities, it is only a matter of min- utes before such foods are warmed up, so you only catch a charge for a very limited amount of time. The PowerPot is also a somewhat delicate piece of equipment, which means there are rules, something camping is notoriously known for lacking. To name a few, the pot contains wires that will melt if they are too close to the heat source, and the pot cannot be run dry. The lid and pot both have space efficient handles and the lid doubles as a bowl to eat out of. Bottom line, this is an awesome product for the serious backpackers who enjoy staying connected, and a great piece for an emergency cooking apparatus, but at about 100 bucks, the average car camper is better off snagging a pot at the D.I. for $4.99. The product is a game-changer as far as the outdoors world goes, and it will be interesting to see what is to come from these guys in the future, so keep an eye out! –Steven Goemaat