Review: Maverix Urban Spirit

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Urban Spirit

The ground begins to pass by faster as the medium-pitched whine on the electric motor increases. The small plastic remote gun is clenched firmly in hand as the trigger is pushed forward—stopping the board in its tracks. The French company, Maverix, have engineered and are producing electric longboards. They range from small, pennyboard-esque sizes to off-road behemoths. Due to the easy maneuverability, long-lasting 400-watt battery power and reliable brakes, the Urban Spirit is definitely worth consideration. The two setbacks are the $650 price tag and the fact that if your battery runs out, you have to carry a 40-lb board everywhere—because it cannot be push-operated. The grip tape on the board is mid-quality, and so are the bearings—after being worked in, maneuverability didn’t get better. However, with the stock bearings, one is able to make large and somewhat purposeful carves in the pavement, but no way could 400 South or any hill around the U be conquered by sliding out with this board. The last great thing about this board is that it boasts a 12-mph speed, and even going uphill, that speed is still somewhat constant, and when going downhill, the brakes are smooth but not so sensitive that you’ll go flying. –Barnabas