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Natural Cause Skateboard

The first thing I noticed about this board was its good shape, something that I didn’t expect from a local company. Most likely, Natural Cause borrowed their board shapes from a time-tested company, though which one, exactly, I couldn’t say—I have been out of the habit of battering decks and, therefore, buying a lot of graphic decks. There are two board-shape options: steep and mellow. These are kind of relative terms, but either way ,the shape worked—the nose wasn’t too steep or mellow for my tastes. What I did find lacking in browsing the rest of their skate inventory, though, was a variety of graphics (I could only find one!). Skate-deck art is as integral to the experience of a graphic deck as the pro who lends his name to it. There are plenty of local artists who would love patronage. Get cooler graphics! –Jordan Deveraux