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Palate Polish

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Portland-based Palate Polish has the whole package: Their nail polishes are all handcrafted in small batches, vegan and 5-free—meaning that they don’t contain toxic chemicals like formaldehyde or toluene. Nail polishes that promise to be harm-free or all-natural sometimes tend toward weak or watery applications, but Palate Polish is as luscious as its food-inspired colors are, which range anywhere from Sriracha to Açai Bowl to Brut Champagne ($10 for a 5-oz. bottle or $30 for five). The polishes are true to color, with exquisite pigments, full opacity and glossy finishes. The polish is fairly thick without being goopy, drying in average time for an almost velvety texture. The most impressive aspect of the Palate Polish, however, was in the flawless application, which was light, smooth and controlled, with minimal streaking. Opacity-wise, the colors hold remarkably well with just one coat—a second coat brings darker and richer tones. Glitter polishes have a tendency to be uneven and sticky, but the Gold Gumdrop applied just as effortlessly as any of the other polishes, with surprising and shimmering coverage. The polishes are long-lasting and chip-resistant, and they’re sure to add a bright splash—or subtle accent—to any fashion palette. Be sure to visit this booth and whet your palate during the 7th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival. –Kathy Zhou