Satori Movement Wheels
Recycled Core 54mm

Got these wheels with HIGH expectations, ya na mean? And I do mean HIGH! A lot of wheels in the industry are having to get on the “no flatspot guarantee” gimmick and besides Street Techs, I don’t know of another wheel that actually holds true to that – UNTIL NOW! Satori gets big ups for these wheels. I have tried to flatspot them on purpose and got nothing! I learned that the recycled core is one of the only wheels on the market that feature urethane that is used from scraps of random goodies here and there, then they are melted down and re-molded into a brand new wheel. Satori also has another new wheel coming out this summer that is very eco friendly due to the oils in the wheels. So check them out also, but as far as these wheels go, they get three thumbs up. One, for stealing a Bones customer, two, for pushing the industry to get greener, and three, for being the most baked wheel company. Keep the movement going Satori!!! –Hehshun

Sublime Stitching
Michael Sieben Artist Series #6

Jenny Hart is a goddess in any crafter’s eyes. She is not only the most kick-ass embroiderer ever, but she is also behind Sublime provides needle-workers with the patterns and materials to produce hip, handmade crafts. The site also promotes subculture artists by turning their doodles and drawings into iron-on patterns that are easy to stitch. The Michael Sieben series host an array of odd sketches by the graphic artist and founder of Roger Skateboards. This pattern set was fun to work with because I generally stick to woodland creatures. It turned out to be a fun quick way to spruce up SLUG’s Action Sports Coordinator’s plain jersey T. This was my first time stitching on colored canvas, but with the zombie-esque creature, it was easy to play around with the color palate. If you are looking for a simple and easy way to embellish your random household items check out Hart’s work on –Meghann Griggs

Glamour Kills
Skateboard Deck Package

From what I can assess, Glamour Kills is primarily a clothing company that is trying to branch out to the skate world with four different board graphics. Each deck is the same shape and comes in five sizes from 7.5×31.5 to 8.0×31.5. They don’t have any kind of team backing their product, unless the goofy hipster dude on their website modeling the boards is their only team rider. But I get the idea that he doesn’t do much more than awkwardly push to the corner store and back. Maybe it’s his pretty pink flannel that matches the pink sunglasses on the Woodie Skull deck, cup cakes on the Pig Bytes deck, creepy mouth of the Gooey Deck and flying pig on the Splatter Deck. You can order all four boards from their webpage for $159.99, but don’t forget to grab a rattle can from the local hardware store to cover up the grotesquely bright graphics before you skate. Unless, of course, you like seeing an ugly yellow tentacle-ridden pig wearing a green fixie hat and pink Kanye glasses devouring cupcakes every time you kickflip. –Arnesto Rodriguez