FRESH, a new modern-apparel store that recently popped up in SLC, is spreading their name wisely in the form of some pristine sunglasses styled after that classic Ray-Ban look made popular by Tom Cruise in Risky Business. The sleek frame design comes locally engraved with the FRESH logo on the left arm and are available in a variety of limited-edition colorways from solid black to speckled arms with green frames and everything in-between. The lens also differs in shade and tint from a dark, black hide-your-eyes style limo tint to a light, faded, I-wear-my-sunglasses-at-night look. Whatever your predilection of time for wearing sunglasses, you can rest easy knowing that these glasses offer a UV rating of 400, keeping your retinas safe from that cancerous ball of fire in the sky. At $20 for two pairs and their tremendous variety in color combos, it’s certain that these sunnies will be flying out of the shop quicker than a jackrabbit on crank. Oh, and did I mention once the current stock sells out, they’ll be gone ‘til next spring?  –Swainston

USB Laptop Speakers
When it comes to laptops and speakers, most just don’t cut it for crisp, quality sound. ZAGG has taken notice of this and released a lightweight, portable laptop speaker that easily connects into any USB port and fits into just about any backpack. The sound comes out clear and maintains full detail even at the highest volumes. The bass doesn’t reverb and buzz and the high notes ring through with clarity. Whether it’s a cute snuggle-fest over a movie, personal dance party while your roommates aren’t home or simply some extra volume to spice up a backyard BBQ, these laptop speakers pitch the harmonious tune your ears lust after. With almost two feet of cord connecting the speakers to a laptop, you’re bound to find a good position no matter what the setting. Scroll over to and check out the other audio products ZAGG has to offer.  –Arnesto Rodriguez


Slut Maker Shirt and Smoked Sturgeon Deck
Bacon Skateboards  
Based out of Portland, Ore. Bacon Skateboards is sizzling up some greasy goods. The Slut Maker Tee was love at first sight for me: a white-on-black graphic of a crack pipe wrapped in ribbon with the words “slut maker” scribed on it is priceless. Pure comedy. I didn’t take it off for five days and almost wore it to breakfast with my girlfriend and her parents. She didn’t seem to think it was as funny as I did, though. When it came time to shred, the Smoked Sturgeon, measuring in at 8×32.5, had been cooked to perfection: well-done and extra crispy.  It’s a prime cut shape with a well-balanced nose and tail that has a perfect pocket for those lusted-after tre-flips. Like a fat boy at a Vegas buffet, I was fully satisfied after my first few sessions, which is to be expected when you are repping rippers like Benji Galloway. If I haven’t convinced you of the tantalizing treats offered by Bacon, cook your way over to their website to check product, photos and videos of dudes that skate way better than you. -Swainston

Bern High Boot
Keen Footwear
Every winter, I face the same struggle when it comes to the perfect boot.  If a pair of boots is cute, then it’s almost guaranteed that they won’t be warm, good in snow or rain, or comfortable. If a boot will keep my feet warm and dry as I stomp through ankle-deep snow, then it will probably look like a winter boot––ugly, clunky and something that I wouldn’t be caught dead in. Luckily, Keen has created the Bern High Boot. These are fashionable and functional boots for the wintertime. They are made of water resistant leather, faux sherling lining and memory foam, and the two buckles at the top give them some serious style points. I’m counting down the days when the snow starts to fall and I can start rocking these babies daily. –Jeanette Moses

AKA Blanks
When it comes to shoe art, I’ve realized that simpler is better, or else you could end up with bowling shoes for a clown. The large blank space on the AKA Blanks for customized artwork is the hook for these shoes. They accept acrylic paint, spray paint, permanent markers and also blood (stupid x-acto). The prime retail space on the toe panel is punctured with ventilation holes that made an annoying dot pattern in my artwork that I had to scrub off and cover with a grey wash to cover the mess I made. One drawback were the pieces of plastic packaging stuck between the seams and lace holes that needed to be cut off before I could draw on them. I dig this style, and the overall look reminds me of a pimp shoe. They were comfortable and broke in with ease as I strutted down the street. In the end, this was a fun project and I got to get creative with two pairs of brand new shoes. Obviously, the art you put on it will determine how rad yours are, which is what makes this concept so cool. ­–Manuel Aguilar

Shred Sled     
The Shred Sled
Shred Sled, why can’t people just skateboard and call it good? This dangerous device is a four-wheeled fear inducer. I am sure that some of you know of the RipStick–this is kinda like that, but more pointless. Four free-spinning rollerblade wheels attached to two platforms joined by a twisting center arm. Do you think this sounds safe? It’s really not as bad as it sounds. I did enjoy making some awkward turns on this contraption, but also found myself wondering how to stop once I got going, and wondering who in their right mind would choose this over a regular skateboard. Why these things keep being introduced to us, I don’t know, but I do know that people are never satisfied with the status quo. Keep on inventing ladies and gents! I say try it before you buy it, or just, come try this one with me. –Hehshun