Product Reviews


Exolite Sonic Ear Warmer

Realistically, if you received a free pair of earbuds with your iPod purchase and own a pair of neoprene socks, you could instantly save yourself $45 and make your own prototype that would do exactly what this device does: keep your ears warm while piping your music to them. For those of us would rather shell out the cash (or write a product review for a freebie) instead of doing it ourselves, the Exolite Sonic is a useful product.  It pairs well with hats, helmets and glasses. The reflective print on the earpieces seems a little ridiculous as a serious safety feature. Reflective strips aside, my ears stayed really warm with A Place To Bury Strangers cranked in these suckers during my post-holiday, outdoor winter runs. –Hannah Tapfield

Arcade Belt Co.
The Atwood/The Corsair

Designed in Olympic Valley, Calif., Arcade Belt Company brings you two unique and versatile belts. Targeted to the skate, snowboard, bike, climb and everything lifestyle, these belts combine style and comfort using quality materials. The Atwood is made with heavy-duty elastic for optimal movement and a bomb-proof polymer buckle (as advertised on the tag), and has a playful grey-and-orange plaid pattern. This belt is the best as far as variety goes. With tons of sizing options through the buckle and elastic combination, this belt covers all bases—or pants, for that matter. The heavy-duty buckle is sometimes a little wide for some belt loops, but taking an extra 20 seconds to keep your “crack” problem at bay seems worth it to me. The Corsair is a bit sleeker than the Atwood, featuring a metal buckle that pins through weatherproof leather holes, with the same heavy-duty elastic in between. The jet-black Corsair was built to look classy on that spicy dinner date or look somewhat cool at church. Above all, these belts are actually comfortable to skate and snowboard in. They hold strong in the frigid mountains and don’t let up on those hot skate days. Both belts are super comfortable and stylish for both ladies and gentlemen alike. The “TSA-proof” claim is accurate for SLC, Utah, but not so much at JFK, N.Y. (at least someone is doing their job.). With all of that said, they’ll keep your pants up, plain and simple. Check these belts out online! –Steven Goemaat

Earphone Magnet

This wearable magnetic earphone cord holder solves a problem I never knew I had: holding my earbud cables in place while I run. The device uses two very strong magnets (one under the shirt and one on top) to secure the cord holder in place. The magnets work well and didn’t slip while I performed physical activity.  However, I couldn’t help but wonder why I needed this device.  The cord on my earbuds is long enough for my current needs and I have never had problem with earbuds falling out of my ears due to a cord being too short. Maybe this is a problem for individuals with a larger torso. I used the product once and it was so forgettable, I never used it again. Clearly this is a magnetic device that was not useful to me. I’m going to pawn them off on my brother. –Augusta Adams