I have always been picky when it comes to winter wear. Finding a comfortable jacket that keeps me warm while properly fitting my lanky body has proven to be quite the task, but Chrome has solved my problems. Their Storm™ Field Jacket is more of a windbreaker, made with Chrome’s “breathable waterproof technology,” Chrome Storm™. I personally didn’t notice much breathability, but that was an advantage, as it kept the warmth in. This jacket is ideal for temperatures between 40 to 50 degrees, and wearing an additional hoodie underneath during this cold winter has kept me more than happy while looking pretty slick, if I do say so myself. The jacket has an extended torso and sleeves, perfect for biking (or snowboarding) comfort. The pockets are large—big enough to hold my original GameBoy with ease. But if they aren’t enough storage for you, there is a zippered pass-through back cargo pocket big enough to hold Dax, the SLUG Office Guard Dog. It also has a storable hood for those surprise rainstorms, as well as reflectors on the neck and wrists for improved visibility during your nighttime rides. I am in love with this jacket. The only downside is the price tag: $250 seems a little steep for a windbreaker. If it were any other brand, I would pay no more than $150, but being a proud owner of many Chrome Industries products, I am fully aware of the quality of their products, and $250 is more than reasonable for what you’re getting. –Nate Abbott

Cliché Skateboards
Sammy Winter Pro Model

Cliché recently turned tech ripper Sammy Winter pro, and his first pro model is on point. Winter’s “Delivery Room” graphic is crazy enough to catch your attention and some added technology will help you in the streets. In an attempt to create a lighter and stronger deck, Cliché went from normal wood glue to Resin-7 Epoxy to cut down on weight and keep the board in prime performing shape. Made with 100-percent Canadian maple, this board can stand up to everything. From trannys to boxes, rails to curbs and everything in between, this board held up strong and kept its pop through some of the harshest skate conditions out there. With an eight-inch width, the board does feel a little on the skinny side, but can be flipped with ease to make your tech tricks even more sophisticated. These boards are pressed one at a time to ensure quality and longevity—as opposed to most skate companies that press between three and five boards at a time. Cliché has stepped up their game for 2014, and Winter’s pro model is a big part of that. Check out his part, along with many other bangers in Bon Voyage, and get some products at clicheskate.com. –Steven Goemaat

Goat Milk Stuff
Soap Bars, Lotion Sticks, Bath Fizzies, Lip Balms and Soy Candles

Goat Milk Stuff is an all-natural company that strives to produce quality beauty products without using harmful, synthetic materials. I used their soap bar, lotion stick, bath fizzies, lip balm and a 100-percent soy candle. The soap bars are made with raw goat’s milk from the Goat Milk Stuff farm, and they are made to last. Each bar comes in a small cotton bag as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastics. The bath fizzies leave your skin feeling fresh and soft—just sprinkle into a bath and it will immediately begin to fizz, releasing a clean, refreshing scent. The lotion stick is a strange concept that is incredibly handy. Just run the stick over your skin, no need to rub, and your skin will be instantly moisturized. The goat’s milk lip balm is in the running for my favorite lip balm—with peppermint oil, it’s subtly tingly and delightfully moisturizing. The Cranberry Spice soy candle is 100-percent soy and has a light, sweet scent. These products are better for the environment and your health than other synthetic products on the market, so if you are looking for a natural way to nourish and purify your skin, Goat Milk Stuff provides healthy benefits to your skincare routine. –Robin Sessions