Huf Footwear
The Sutter

Huf Worldwide has created a classic shoe with a classy feel with The Sutter. This simple and low-profile shoe has everything that you need in a skate/casual shoe, and nothing more. A suede upper sole with a light and breathable mesh liner is the only thing that separates your foot from your grip tape (or outside world), making for excellent board feel and control. The vulcanized toe cap is on the narrower side along with the rest of the shoe, allowing you to get a nice flick on those flip tricks as well as a sleek fit similar to a Vans classic, without looking like every other hipster in the valley. The minimal amount of material used does cause this shoe to wear slightly quicker than other skate shoes. However, the patented rubber H-patterned grip outsole takes the brunt of the immediate wear to help keep the toe from ripping too quickly. Sleek and casual but also clean, this shoe is for skate rats and dinner party crashers alike, and feels great without socks for those beach days. A great shoe that fits in no time, The Sutter is a solid classic for the skate- and style-minded consumer. –Steve Goemaat

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