All Day High Capacity Power Supply
The All Day battery pack for the Go-Pro Hero 3+, made by Brunton, is an absolute powerhouse for all of your electronic needs. The All Day attaches easily to the back of your camera and provides nearly four times the power of a normal Go-Pro battery, as well as a 3-in-1 adapter to power a micro USB, lightning jack and 30-pin to USB. Basically, Apple and Windows smart phone users alike can keep their charge going, so you can easily upload your sick vids to all of your social media outlets in a flash. One thing to keep in mind with the All Day is that it is weatherproof but not waterproof. Some rain or mud will not affect the battery, but it is not made to be submerged or absolutely doused in water. The pack is most useful for long and intricate time lapses, all day skate sessions and extended battery life in the cold temperatures of the Wasatch. A handy and highly useful accessory for the Go Pro aficionado as well as a reliable power source, the All Day battery pack is a great buy at $49.99. Don’t get caught with another dead battery again! –Steve Goemaat

Automatic Cord Winder Combo Pack
One of my biggest pet peeves is tangled cords. I turn into Rain Man if I see one—I have to untangle and coil it properly. Right out of the package, the Recoil spooled up three of my most used cords in seconds. This little gem was invented and perfected right in our backyard. That’s right—not only is the product useful as all hell, but it comes from Park City, Utah. Recoil is also another Kickstarter success story that raised $141,000 in 30 days from almost 3,000 backers. You simply fold your cord in half, slip the loop into the winder, pull downward, release, and the Recoil swiftly winds the cord up. You can score these lifesavers individually for about $10, or $28 for a combo pack of three. The combo pack is the way to go. It comes with each size of Recoil and a stand for them. Keep your headphones, iPad sync cord and phone cord ready for use. Your laptop cord is on its own, however. The large winder cannot handle my MacBook power cord completely. It tried, but the winder needs to be just a tad bigger. The Recoil has stylish color options—choose from white housing and colored winders or solid primary colors. In a perfect world, every electronic you buy would come with a Recoil. –Granato