Review: Razer Diamondback Gaming Mouse

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Diamondback Gaming Mouse

When I’m gaming hardcore—and when I say hardcore, I mean sweating my ass off trying to make it over the next challenge in Call of Duty or saving my own ass from every alien in the galaxy in Halo 5—I need precision. We’re no longer living in the world where two buttons and quick skills are enough, so finding the right mouse is key to making your experience what it needs to be. Razer recently released the latest addition to their Diamondback series after an eight-year hiatus, creating a sleek, black design with a multicolored chroma lighting scheme to make it stand out. The first thing you’re gonna notice is the grip. Firm and flexible for either hand, with smooth mouse feet and rubber edging, the Diamondback gives a greater feel of control with less slipping in moments of gamer rage. The scroll wheel is superb and responds fantastically to any menu. The buttons on either side are great for functionality but sometimes can be cumbersome in a quick-stroke moment. The 16,000 DPI laser sensor is extraordinary and easily adjustable—I felt like I could snipe the left wing of the fly on the head of the enemy I was picking off from across the map. As far as normal computer functionality goes, I’ve had no major or lingering issues with the device—it has performed well no matter the task given or the game it’s been forced to help me win. Over the years, I’ve heard criticism of Razer’s mice either being great but lacking or clunky for various reasons, but this particular Diamondback is going to put a lot of those complaints to rest. –Gavin Sheehan