Review: Bo Hemp – Hemp Vape


Bo Hemp Co.

Hemp Vape, CBD Elixir, Redstrap Hemp Extract

CBDs and Hemp extract are said to help many conditions, like nausea, anxiety and sleep disorders, without the mind-altering effects of THC. They can also counteract some of the negative side effects from ingesting THC and even lessen paranoia in some users—or prolong the effects of THC. The cool thing about CBD extracts is that they are legal in the U.S. What Bo Hemp offers a wide variety of products allowing you to treat yourself in many ways. I tried their E Juice Hemp Extract. Once I got the wattage dialed in, it had an amazing taste, even though it is technically meant to be a treatment and not a treat. I tried their Hemp Elixir next. This liquid supplement can be taken in a drink or alone, as its favor is quite mild. A dropper or two a day worked for me. Lastly, I tried their Hemp Extract, which comes premixed with high-end coconut and is meant to be mixed with your morning smoothie, not taken alone. (Trust me: Don’t take it right out of the bottle.) I saw mild benefits from two of the three, and they yielded mild results at best. The elixir seemed to curb mild anxiety, and on top of other natural remedies, it also helped clear my mind when stressed. Even though I didn’t experience many benefits, these kinds of supplements work in different ways for different people. All of these products come from a company that happens to be local, so check out their site for all your natural hemp extract needs. –Granato